Why Use Topical CBD Cream?

CBD Daily Cream

When I began my journey into the world of CBD, I was quickly overwhelmed by the number of products available. CBD oil is one of the most common products, but manufacturers have now begun producing products such as edibles and tinctures. One of the products quickly becoming popular is CBD daily cream. Below, you’ll find an explanation of what CBD daily cream is and why it could be useful.

First, what is CBD, and How is it Composed?

CBD is a compound found in the cannabis plant. There are two types of cannabis plants – hemp and marijuana. Manufacturers can extract from both forms of the plant. The critical difference between the two is the fact that CBD extracted from marijuana could contain THC.

THC is the element in marijuana responsible for you feeling “high.” CBD will not provide you with a euphoric, mind-altering sensation.

So long as your CBD product comes from hemp, it should be legal for use nationwide. That is primarily due to the 2018 Farm Bill, which reclassified hemp from a controlled substance to an agricultural product. The government now considers hemp the same as wheat or tobacco.

If the CBD in your product comes from hemp, it should be completely legal.

Our body contains an endocannabinoid system that works closely with our central nervous system. When you use CBD, your endocannabinoid system goes into overdrive. CBD could offer numerous benefits, one of which is pain relief.

The pain relief you receive when taking CBD makes sense, considering that one of the primary responsibilities of your endocannabinoid system is to reduce inflammation.

What is CBD Daily Cream?

Manufacturers have begun creating numerous products that allow users to obtain the benefits of CBD. One of the most exciting products on the market for aging adults is CBD daily cream. CBD daily intensive cream is a lotion that manufacturers have infused with highly-concentrated CBD extract.

To first create the cream, manufacturers must extract CBD from the hemp or marijuana plant. The process of doing so, and the resulting product, is similar to essential oils that you could purchase as part of an aromatherapy program. CBD extract is highly-concentrated, up to 75 times more potent than dry herbs.

Once manufacturers obtain the CBD extract, they can infuse it into other products, such as creams and lotions. CBD daily intensive cream allows users to apply CBD topically, primarily to help with pain relief. CBD is 100 percent safe and natural, offering very little in terms of side effects. Many manufacturers aim to ensure the other elements of the cream are entirely natural as well. Commercial lotions tend to contain:

  • Preservatives
  • Chemicals
  • Additives

There’s a strong chance that your CBD daily cream uses natural ingredients, which could make them safer for use on your skin.

CBD Oil v. CBD Cream

If you are familiar with essential oils, you may know that you can apply them topically to receive the full benefits of the oils. For instance, using a drop or two of lavender to your temples could provide you with stress relief. Because manufacturers extract CBD oil the same way they do essential oils, and because CBD oil has similar concentration, many people wonder if they could apply the oil topically.

Unfortunately, CBD oil is not as effective when applied topically. Manufacturers design CBD for oral consumption, which is noticeably different than essential oils, which users cannot consume orally. However, CBD oil could still provide pain relief when taken orally, leaving many people wondering whether it’s better to use an oil or a cream for pain relief.

CBD creams are pretty much the only way for topical pain relief. The cream can stimulate blood flow and provide relief from achy muscles and joints. Many aging adults find that the cream can help reduce the pain and soreness associated with chronic inflammation, such as arthritis. They can also allow your muscles to recover, especially if you participate in strenuous activity and are sore.

The downside with CBD daily cream is that it can take a while for your skin to absorb the product. But it also allows you to target your precise area of pain. For instance, if your ankle is swollen or sore, you can apply cream to that area specifically. Your endocannabinoid system will focus on cellular repair in this area.

The targeted approach that CBD daily cream offers is different from CBD oil. CBD oil provides whole-body pain relief, similar to what would happen if you took pain medication such as ibuprofen. Your endocannabinoid system will work to reduce pain throughout your whole body. While you’ll likely find some relief, there’s no guaranteeing you receive full pain relief when taking CBD oil.

The upside to using CBD oil is that it works very quickly. Whereas it takes a while for your body to absorb CBD daily cream, oil bypasses your digestive system so that your body absorbs it instantly. CBD oil can begin working in a matter of minutes.

Additionally, CBD oil could also allow you to obtain other benefits that CBD cream does not offer. For instance, taking CBD oil orally could help you sleep better. It could also reduce the effects of anxiety and depression. Furthermore, studies have shown that CBD oil could destroy cancerous cells.

Lastly, researchers believe that CBD could improve a cardiovascular system’s health.

These are all benefits that you cannot receive when using CBD cream. CBD oil works internally, while CBD cream targets specific areas for pain relief. However, it could be quite useful for providing pain relief. If you’re an aging adult who wakes up sore or with stiff joints, using a CBD cream when you wake up or before you go to bed could help alleviate your symptoms considerably.

The Benefits of CBD Cream

Although it offers targeted relief, CBD daily cream could be useful for treating an array of conditions. Not only does the cream provide pain relief, but it could also help heal numerous skin conditions. Examples of conditions that CBD cream could help include:

  • Muscle soreness
  • Acute pain
  • Chronic pain
  • Stiff joints
  • Psoriasis
  • Eczema
  • Rashes
  • Burns
  • Skin infections

Are There Risks Associated with CBD Cream?

CBD offers minimal side effects, although some studies have found that people become nauseous when ingesting the oil. If you were, hypothetically, to swallow your cream – I don’t recommend doing so – you could suffer nausea and potential dry mouth.

The other side effects that CBD cream could potentially cause are not so much associated with the CBD as they are with the cream itself. Your cream likely contains natural ingredients, such as:

  • Beeswax
  • Olive oil
  • Vitamin E oil

These ingredients tend to be very good for use on the skin. However, there’s a chance that you’re allergic to one of these ingredients. I recommend looking up the label beforehand to make sure you’re not allergic to any of the components in the product. So long as you don’t have an allergic reaction, CBD cream should be safe for daily use.

The one stipulation to this is if you’re taking medications. Even though CBD is safe and a naturally-occurring compound, it does not interact well with other drugs. If you’re taking other medication, I highly recommend that you speak with your doctor before using CBD cream. For instance, CBD does not interact well with certain heart medications and corticosteroids.

Your doctor should advise you as to whether CBD is safe for use. If you are adamant about wanting to try CBD, your doctor may be willing to adjust or halt your prescription medication. It’s better to be safe than sorry. The quick phone call or a visit to your doctor is not worth the potential damage you could to do your health by mixing CBD products with prescription-grade pharmaceuticals.

How to Buy CBD Cream

If you’re interested in topical CBD cream, you can purchase the products online or at a local store. Because hemp is now legal in the United States, you can expect more and more stores to begin selling CBD products. The legality of the products depends on where you live and how manufacturers obtained the CBD extract.

For instance, if manufacturers obtained the extract for the cream from a marijuana plant, it may contain THC. However, if they received the excerpt from the hemp plant, the chances of it containing THC are reduced considerably.

The best way to confirm the purity of the CBD cream you’re using is by asking the manufacturer for a Certificate of Analysis. The federal government does not require manufacturers to conduct testing, but some manufacturers opt to do so to provide clarity to their customers.

The COA should tell you whether the product contains any THC. It should also tell you how much CBD is in the cream. If a manufacturer is unwilling to provide you with the COA, I recommend that you search elsewhere for your cream.

When using a cream, you want to make sure that they CBD in the product are pure so that you receive maximum health benefits.